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Preface: This will be a medium to long post. You've been warned.

Since we've got a few new guys coming to ARMA 3, I thought I'd take a moment to post a quick optimization guide along with quick tips and tricks for A3 itself as well as the mission we play: King of the Hill.

Forward on Arma 3 itself:

The ARMA series is notorious for having its quirks.

-A rule of thumb is that your framerate is actually twice what it says it is to a degree. 30 frames/sec is actually decent, and akin to 60fps.
Your Machines Hardware and Arma:

-CPU: A3's engine runs better on intel than AMD. Its not that the dev's prefer intel, its just a matter of how the CPU's handle the engine. Your CPU will have the biggest effect on your overall framerate when things are blowing up, taking heavy fire, ect...

-Hard Drive: A3 streams info directly from your hard-drive, and windows sucks at caching those files. Because of this, SSD's have a huge advantage over mechanical HDD's. If you are still using a mechanical HDD (I am at the moment) you will probably get lag/stuttering while moving fast due to the texture/3d files loading slow. It can be averted by setting up a RAM DISK or using a program like PrimoCache. Using those are at your own discretion.

(Off topic)For me PrimoCache is invaluable for mechanical and SSD users. Set it up for read only on a mechanical to speed up read times or set it as write-defer for SSD to make your drive last forever. PM me if you want info.

-RAM: Ram is very important in A3 for the above reasons. Windows doesn't cache files very well, but the more RAM you have the more it can cache.

-Network: If your system is top of the line, the game is optimized, and you get fantastic FPS in single-player settings, but get lag in multiplayer its probably your network connection. This is because ARMA uses a mix of TCP and UDP. Most games and streaming content just use UDP, but ARMA uses TCP to guarantee certain things being transmitted, but there is a huge traffic expense.

-The server your connected to: I know this isn't your hardware, but some of the servers we play on hold 80-100 users at a time. They honestly can't handle that much, and despite your fire-ass rig and high-speed connection, the server you're playing on is just slow. Gotta deal with it or move on to a different one.

-Video Card: Honestly, your video card is fairly irrelevant in ARMA. No, onboard isn't going to cut it, but overall its not a major player here. It does help with the pretties I guess.

Basic Optimization:

Video Setting Tweaks:
I'm not going to write this out, so here is a good link for settings and config file tweaks:
(I use all of these including the FOV settings. Highly recommended.)
Video Tweaks Guide

Steam Launch Options:
Steam launch options really help. They change how much ram the game can call and how many cores to use as well as some other things.
Here is a link to them:
Steam Launch Options

And here are the launch options I use:(I have an AMD quad-core)

-nosplash -world=empty -skipIntro -maxMem=4096 -maxVRAM=4038 -cpuCount=4 -noLogs

Setting Up and Playing on Arma 3:

Now that you've got all that stuff set up, you're ready to play. ALMOST.

I would highly advise looking over the controls a bit and playing in the bootcamp or other training areas first.

-Controls in A3 are crazy as hell, but the biggest thing is, EVERYTHING interacts via the mousewheel.

-Fatigue is new in A3 over the old ARMA games. You get tired really fast, and when you're tired you can't hit jack shit with your gun. When moving, plan to make short sprints from cover to cover if enemies are known in the area. Because of this, when in a group, don't all run from cover to cover together, because if you come across an enemy, none of you will be prepared to fire on them.

-In ARMA there are multiple stance to shoot from. Prone, Crouch and Standing are just three. Holding CTRL+ W or S will move you up/down between your stances, as well as using Q and E to lean.

-All materials have a penetration value, as well as all caliber bullets. .556 doesn't really do much, but 762 or higher eats through most everything but reinforced concrete. Don't be afraid to spray into buildings.

-If you want to fly, please, please practice in singleplayer first. Aircraft runs on a flight-sim model.

King of the Hill tips and tricks:

KotH is about getting on the Area of Operations(AO), and having the most players on your team in it. At the end you get a massive bonus if you win. First to 100 points.

Every 60 seconds you get 100 xp/cash for being in the AO.

XP/Cash is also awarded for:
-killing players: 100
-kill assists: 50
-being near a friendly that killed a player: 20
-destroying light vehicles: 100
-regular vehicles: 250?
-armored vehicles: 400?
-unarmed helis: 400
-armed helis: 600
-jets: 1000
-tanks: 1000
-dropping off friendly players with a ground vehicle: 100~ish?
-tactical helicopter insertion(landing): 150-200 depending on enemies in the area
-paradrop: 30
-healing a teammate: 50
-reviving a teammate: 100
-reviving a teammate with medic bonus: 250

and an added bonus if you were in the AO.

The winning bonus is equal to however many points you earned while in the AO during the round.

1. Don't temporarily buy guns, ever. Its a waste because you can test them elsewhere in the game.
2. Save money to unlock the perk slots first... in the bottom right there are three perk slots, one is unlocked right off the bat. I recommend fatigue.
3. Don't waste money on buying vehicles until you've got a good set of weapons bought with scopes.
4. Get a good launcher. The AA makes lots of money, otherwise I would suggest the Titan Compact.

Thats all I can think of for now.
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ARMA 3: King of the Hill Primer 3 years 1 month ago #20200

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Nice post Air. We will have to set aside a day when all of us can play. I'm good for this Friday, Sat, and Sun.
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ARMA 3: King of the Hill Primer 3 years 1 month ago #20201

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Well I got my rig to get 24-35 fps in a 100+game no stuttering. Followed all those steps it does run a lot better in smaller games running at 60 fps, but all in all I am having a blast with it!! Even enjoyed some co-op missions, to be honest I really like the night levels better.
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ARMA 3: King of the Hill Primer 3 years 1 month ago #20204

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I added King of the Hill related tips. Feel free to add any.

Sidenote: I finally got my new SSD set up, so my old 500gb drive is empty and ready to screen record. I'm only going to be doing 720p(even 720 is around 1gig/min). Will be recording our whole session Friday and/or Saturday and Sunday.
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