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Battlefield4 AMD Graphics Problems 1 year 9 months ago #20568

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Hi all you hardy denizens of BF4.
I wanted to relate a problem I had yesterday with playing BF4.
So, I have a stout 8 core AMD with 16GB ram, 512 SSD and A Radeon R9 290 GPU.
Up until yesterday, I had no problems loading BF4, for a long time.
Not sure how, but somewhere along the line, I believe my graphics driver was updated or changed by Windows updates perhaps.
Anyway. The game would start to play, and then freeze with sound still looping, and a grey screen.
So I updated my Graphics driver with the latest from AMD, Version 16.6.1.
After update, and restart, BF4 would just not load with an error: Mantle function "grCreateGraphicsPipeline(g_mantleRenderer->getDevice(createDesc->pipeline->
So I said aha! it is a Mantle API error, and sure enough I edited the configuration file for BF4 and disabled Mantle as the graphics rendering API used by the game.
I then loaded and ran fine, basically this makes the game use DirectX for graphics API rather than Mantle, which would get me a few more FPS, and seemed to look better.
Another solution is to go back to an earlier graphics driver, before 16.5.
Bottom line, Mantle seems to be broken in the latest AMD drivers.
Let me know if you need more info, I am full of it!
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Battlefield4 AMD Graphics Problems 1 year 8 months ago #20574

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Well for those of us who don't know what the coding error meant in the first place...

I'm personally glad to have you point out what may cause my computer to not play BF4. Thanks for posting this potential problem.

So far i'm not having any problems with the game.
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